Dr Nick Cutfield

Clinical Senior Lecturer in the Department of Medicine, and Consultant Neurologist and Clinical Lead at Dunedin Hospital.

Nick is also the Clinical Deputy Director of the Brain Health Research Centre. He aims to develop translational neuroscience research at the BHRC by both developing clinical research and strengthening collaborations with laboratory neuroscientists. 

Current projects include:

  • Alzheimer's disease: Developing predictive blood biomarkers. HRC Programme grant led by Prof Abraham, with Prof Knight (Psychology), Prof Skeaff (Nutrition), Prof Tate (Biochemistry), and Dr Joanna Williams (Anatomy).
  • Vestibular disease: BMedSc project 2013: Vestibular scwhannoma – monitoring vestibular function, novel versus conventional measures. Collaborators: Darlington, Smith (Pharmacology), and Dawes (ENT).
  • Parkinson's disease: Recent summer student projects have involved high frequency eye movement recordings and relation of these to cognition and balance in Parkinson's.
  • Augmented reflection technology in neurorehabilitation: Health Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow Dr Simon Hoermann 2013-. Collaborators: Regenbrecht (Information Science), Franz (Psychology), Hale (Physiotherapy).

Selected publications